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Meridius Detox Naalden Renew

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 1000 naalden per doos; 5 per blister.
Meridius® Renew acupuncture needles are using the protocols developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA).

Highly visible plastic handle needles with no tube, 5 needles packed in one blister separately positioned, which makes it convenient for practitioners when they need the 5 needles for one treatment. Each needle is easy to be taken out without disturbing the others.

Meridius® Renew needles are also widely used for other purposes including general acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, children and hand acupuncture.

Sterilised by EO gas, shelf-life is 3 years.

Art. MEDET   0,16 x 7    29,95  
Art. MEDET   0,16 x 13    29,95  
Art. MEDET   0,20 x 7    29,95  
Art. MEDET   0,20 x 13    29,95  
Art. MEDET   0,22 x 7    29,95  
Art. MEDET   0,22 x 13    29,95  
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Acupunctuur model oorAcupunctuur model oor
Model Oor Hoogte 22 cm of 13 cm
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