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Meridius Kunststof cupping set

  Categorie: Cupping sets

Kunststof cupping set. 17 cups in verschillende maten.

Easy disinfection/cleaning/sterilization: silicone top can be separated; the cups and silicone tops can be autoclavable; and cleaning and applying disinfectant is very easy. 

Versatile applicability owing to multiple shapes; oval for the peri-spinal region, curved bottom for the side of the body, triangle for edged body surface.

Durability of the cups and silicone tops: silicone top does not crack from falling, the thicker  and solid material cups have much studier and higher durability.

Silicone tops are easily replaceable if necessary.

•    Size 1: 8 cups, 55mm diameter, round.
•    Size 2: 1 cup, 43mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
•    Size 3: 1 cup, 41mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
•    Size 4: 1 cup, 34mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
•    Size 5: 1 cup, 27mm diameter, round.
•    Size 5: 1 cup, 23mm diameter, triangular shape for stronger suction on small area.
•    Size 6: 1 large spine cup, 72mm (length) x 54mm (wide) x 70mm (height), for massaging spine line.
•    Size 7: 1 small contoured spine cup, 61mm (length) x 42mm (wide) x 65mm (height).
•    Size 8: 1 tall round massage cup, 50mm diameter x 100mm length. Easy to grasp when do cupping massage.
•    Size 9: 1 small contoured massage cup, 40mm diameter x 100 diameter length. Easy to grasp when do massage cupping. 

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